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      CQ220D-Z full automatic pipe cutting machine technical parameters

      Working mode: pipe fixed, cutters rotating to cut

      Electric control mode:PLC

      Cutting tool: NC cutting tools

      Tool rest quantity: 4

      Pipe diameter range: Φ120mm—Φ220mm

      Pipe thickness: 5—20mm

      Amount of feed: adjustable by servo motor

      Servo motor quantity: 3 pieces

      Cutting length range: 2000mm one time, longer length can feed more times

      Feeding speed: 200mm / sec

      Feeding accuracy:±0.2mm

      Motor power: 15Kw

      Spindle speed: stepless speed regulation

      Clamping method: self-centering hydraulic clamping

      Loading mode: automatic

      Feeding mode: controlled by servo motor

      Machine features:

      Using the mature PLC technology, through the human-computer interaction interface and equipment, it is easy to operate and learn.

      Adopt unique servo feed mode, it is more stable, accurate, and with high speed.

      Self centering hydraulic clamping, working stable and reliable.

      Stepless speed spindle, it can adjust the cutting speed.

      The machine model is suitable for thick pipe cutting, with quick cutting speed, good perpendicularity, high feeding precision, and it also can do the beveling. The cutting process is fully automatic.

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