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      SHENGFENG CNX-B milling machine is specially developed for milling flat face / groove at both ends of a roller shaft with four milling cutters. PLC controls machine pneumatic system, hydraulic system and electrical system. It is automatic feeding, hydraulic clamping, and automatic milling. It is very suitable for large batch milling process of round roller shafts.

      Machine Features

      Using the mature PLC technology, through the human-computer interaction interface and equipment, it is easy to operate and learn.

      Mill the roller shafts by 4 milling cutters on four faces at same time. It is with high speed and precision.

      The machine frame has been taken quenching and grinding process. It ensures the stability of the machine.

      CNX-B roller milling machine technical parameters

      Working mode: roller fixed, cutters rotating milling

      Cutter material: three-edge milling cutter

      Flat width: ≤20mm

      Slot width: 6-20mm

      Diameter range: Φ18—Φ40mm

      Roller length: 270-2200mm

      Main motor power: 1.5Kw x 4

      Amount of feed: adjustable

      Spindle speed: stepless speed regulation

      Clamping method: self-centering hydraulic clamping

      Loading and unloading: automatic and pneumatic

      Amount of feed: adjustable

      Voltage: 380V 50Hz, three phase four wire

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